Atempo is a modern jazz piano trio, active for three years in Israel ,Europe and US.

Atempo Trio was established during the Covid period by Alon Stern, Itay Abramovitz and Yoav Lachovitsky – three busy musicians who recognized an opportunity to invest their extra time in music creation. 

They recorded their debut album in September 2021 and performed all over Israel at a variety of venues & private events. Since then, they have been spending their time in the studio working on their second album. They have also collaborated with several singers & instrumentalists such as Mark Lotz and Yair Dalal, ever-expanding their fascinating musical journey. They compose and perform music characterized by a fusion of styles, influenced by Mediterranean, Latin, African, and other musical traditions, as reflected in their debut album 'Journey within You', which relates to the journey listeners go through while experiencing their compositions.

Atempo pushes the boundaries of genre with their unique sound which stems from the diverse musical influences of each of its members – from Mediterranean, Balkan & Arabic through African and Afro-Caribbean elements.

The Trio has already performed abroad, touring in The Netherlands and Belgium and in the US. On August they’ll perform in Germany. 

From ballads to upbeat tunes, this band creates an unforgettable atmosphere, let their piano, drums, and electric bass take you on a journey of musical exploration.

The trio received support from the Israel Lottery Council for Culture and Arts, the Ministry of Culture, and ACUM – Prize from the Fund for Independent creators for the production of the album, and they have received much acclaim both in Israel and internationally.

Credit: Guy Or

Yoav Lachovitsky

Yoav, who recorded his latest album in Amsterdam with his original materials, proves once again that beyond being a brilliant and musical drummer, he is also a talented composer.

Itay Abramovitz

Itay introduces himself as a jazz pianist after performing all over the world mainly as a Latin musician and as an accompanist to the best Israeli artists such as Yasmine Levy, Pablo Rosenberg, David Broza & more.

Credit: Peter vit

Credit: Peter Vit

Alon Stern

Alon, who recorded his latest album with the Alon Stern’s Octet with whom he performed for about 7 years around the country, brings to the trio the glue and groove that characterize the trio's playing.