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Dec 19, 2024Shablul Jazz Club

Tel Aviv , IL

Jan 10, 2024Blue Note Club

Poznań , PN

Jan 11, 2024Adebar

Kołobrzeg , PN

Jan 12, 2024ODT Swiatowid

Wrocław , PN

Jan 13, 2024Jazz Club Pod Filarami

Gorzów , PN

Jan 14, 2024Centrum Kultury i Sztuki

Konin, PN

Jan 15, 2024Moxo Club

Warszawa, PN

Jan 16, 2024Pszczyńskie Centrum Kultury

Pszczyna , PN

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Beit Ha-amudim

Tel Aviv, IL

BREITE63 Saarland

Saarland, DE

Jazzclub Alluvium Oldenburg

Oldenburg, DE


Bad Gandersheim, DE

Kultur Bahnhof

Hitzacker, DE

Haus der Sinne Berlin

Berlin, DE

Willa Lentza Szczecin

Szczecin, PL

Tirza's Salon

Neve Monson, IL

The Para Bar

Shave Ziyyon, IL

Jazz In The Nachal

Pardes Hana -Karkur, IL

Shech Abreik Festival

Tivon, IL

The Third-Ear

Kibbutz Hagoshrim, IL

Mitzpe Ramon Jazz Club

Mitzpe Ramon, IL

Haaruba Pub

kibbutz hama'apil, IL

Jazz On Main




Williamsburg Music Center

Brooklyn, NY, USA

JxJ Festival

Washington, DC, USA

Stages Music Arts


Shillelagh Pub


Chris Jazz Cafe



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A-Tempo Trio is a three-piece, Israel-based Jazz band that is making its name known in a big way in the music scene. The group is made up of; producer Alon Stern on bass, Itay Abramovitz on piano, and Yoav Lachovitzky playing the drums. These three artists are uniquely talented and are expert musicians on their own, but together they create a truly wonderful sonic experience that has proven to leave audiences all around the world speechless
Empire Of Lounge
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2021 was an important year for A-Tempo Trio; last year, their debut album, 'Masa Beha' was released; it was critically acclaimed as one of the best jazz albums on the Israeli scene. We have listened to it carefully and we can say that it really is a breath of fresh air. Listen to it and you won't be able to do without it anymore.
The Other Side Reviews
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Spontaneous jazz is an absolute blast to listen to and is something that A-Tempo Trio are masters at. With their single ‘The Beginning of Everything’, the trio contrasts unsymmetrical grooves with chilled melodics, for a sound that is challenging and calms all at the same time. Modern, atmospheric and masterful, the single showcases the prowess of each band member, while letting listeners fall into the wonder of spiced jazz spontaneity.
William Milord
William Milord
Iggy Magazine
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A-Tempo trio offers from beginning to end an instrumental nugget with an insane rhythm and a current and contemporary atmosphere.
John DoWilla Lentza - szczecińska instytucja kulturye
John DoWilla Lentza - szczecińska instytucja kulturye
Radek Bryk
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The instrumentalists delighted the audience with their masterful playing, varied dynamics and a program in which various styles, characteristic m were combined with great feel. in. for Mediterranean, Latin and Afro-American music. The trio presenting mostly their own compositions created an unforgettable atmosphere of the summer meeting, taking the listeners on a beautiful journey full of musical discoveries. Entertaining jazz fans rewarded the performers with loud applause, provoking them into encores.

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